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The Death of an Elephant Seal

The Death of an Elephant Seal

Death is considered the natural part of life. Scientists are stating we die because of the damage caused on our cells over time. If we replaced these damaged parts, then we could live forever. What this raises is the question of... what would change if we knew that we had more time? If death was no longer a concern...

    This limited edition print is numbered and signed by me. Printed on the highest quality paper. Prints are shipped with a protective paper lining. Shipping times vary according to location.

    Paper Size: A0
    Dimensions: 1189 x 841 mm

    Paper: Canson Print Making Rag 

    Suits: Illustrative works, watercolour works and detailed ink/graphite drawings – it’s linen-like texture won’t interrupt fine detail.
    Substrate: 100% Cotton
    Optical brighteners: No
    White tone: Bright white


    Edition: 50

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