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Ghosts Of The Passed

Ghosts Of The Passed


Sam Harris theorises there is no free will in the way we have colloquially defined it. All thoughts and actions have been decided in the moment by the culmination of experiences within us. We may feel that we can chose either an apple or an orange but the truth is that before we consciously decide, within us that decision has already been made. Meaning that every social interaction or event has, determined who we are today and will, conversely, impact everyone today until the end of time. All impacting on one. One impacting on all.


    This limited edition print is numbered and signed by me. Printed on the highest quality paper. Prints are shipped with a protective paper lining. Shipping times vary according to location.

    Paper Size: A0
    Dimensions: 1189 x 841 mm

    Paper: Canson Print Making Rag 

    Suits: Illustrative works, watercolour works and detailed ink/graphite drawings – it’s linen-like texture won’t interrupt fine detail.
    Substrate: 100% Cotton
    Optical brighteners: No
    White tone: Bright white


    Edition: 50

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