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25 April // 1915

25 April // 1915


Between 4.30am and 4.45am the 3rd Australian Brigade - 9th (Queensland), 10th (South Australia), 11th (Western Australia) and 12th (Tasmania, with some South Australia and Western Australia) Battalions and the 3rd Field Ambulance - landed on Gallipoli around Ari Burnu point. The rest of the Anzac corps came ashore throughout the day. By the evening, despite strong Turkish counter-attacks, the Anzacs held a narrow triangle of land roughly 2 kilometres long at its base on the coast and extending to just under a kilometre inland at its widest...




PS - I do not condone war, it is too often an economic exercise mastered to  aquiring, expanding and protecting personal wealth.


I do, however, have the utmost respect for the men, women and families of all that put country before self. That choose to venture into the unknown fog of war, to uphold their beliefs. Lest We Forget.



    This limited edition print is numbered and signed by me. Printed on the highest quality paper. Prints are shipped with a protective paper lining. Shipping times vary according to location.

    Paper Size: A0
    Dimensions: 1189 x 841 mm

    Paper: Canson Print Making Rag 

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    Substrate: 100% Cotton
    Optical brighteners: No
    White tone: Bright white


    Edition: 50

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